Monday, March 19, 2012

We all fall down

It takes broken people to heal the world. You, me, that guy down the street, none of us have all our stuff together. None of us have everything figured out. Even the ones who are good at making it look as though they do.

If we wait until we are perfect to try and do something good then the world will be waiting a very long time for a change that will never come. 

The world needs you, in all your imperfect glory. It needs you to try, and fail, and get up and try again to do what is right, to take care of a brother or sister in need, to right the wrongs and seek justice for those who can't find it on their own.

This world is so broken, so evil in it's make up, that it revels in the failures of someone who is doing good. How messed up is that?

No wonder there are so many people afraid to try, afraid to do the good thing they know is in front of them to do.

But perfect or not, every action initiated in love counts. Your actions count. You are needed, and you can't give up just because the cruel and evil world will kick you when you fall down. That doesn't stop us from getting back up again. Just getting up is a victory. Just stepping out is a triumph. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

We will fall, because we are fallible, that's a given. But it's when we rise again and don't give up that we become heroes, and we can make a difference.

You are not alone. We're all in this together. We are behind you and, arms joined around the globe, we will keep fighting to make the world a better place.

Take a moment to praise and encourage the people and organizations you know who are #doinggood. They need to hear it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

#doinggood We're all in this together

Because of the film Kony2012 everyone in America, and that means most people
in the world as well, have become enthusiastically aware of a serious aspect of evil in
the world.

Invisible Children is amazing. They have just performed the single most impressive
awareness campaign ever. EVER. What is more, it isnʼt finished. They have set the bar
and set it high.

As with any time someone blows away the paradigm there has been some criticism. Mostly that they are not doing something about the problem. Against this there have been even better defenses. The criticisms fail for a couple of reasons. First, because they are in fact on the ground with excellent development projects. But more because the primary mission of Invisible Children is information and they have proven that they are more effective at this than anyone else, EVER.

What too many people forget is that we are all in this together. Everyone who is about making the world a better place is on the same team. To put it in business terms, all of us in the aid and development “industry” are units within the “Global Transformation Company”. We are all united in the same goal and to the same purpose. Our struggle for “market share” is not against each-other. Our collective struggle for market share is against the evil in the world. Invisible Children is currently the single most effective unit in the marketing division.

Kony 2012 has created a tidal wave of awareness that has the potential to grow far beyond its specific message.

The truth of the matter is that today, as people stand around and criticize one organization's awareness campaign, evil things happen:

children are being murdered
children are being forced to murder
children are being raped
children are working long hours in brutal slavery
children are dying because they don't have enough food to eat.
children are dying of waterborne diseases because they don't have access to clean water
children are begging in the streets
children are alone

and people, all over the world, are working to change that.

Now you are aware. Now you act.

#doinggood is for catalyzing the energy of awareness into action. The purpose of #doinggood is to directly translate the effectiveness of this unit of the “marketing division” into increased market share for the “Global Transformation Company” as a whole.

Use #doinggood to recommend other units within the “Company”. For a brief moment the world is paying attention. Let's increase even further the huge good done by this.

As a show of solidarity organizations should not recommend themselves but shine the spotlight on others that they know to be doing good work on the ground.

Instead of getting sick and tired of the criticisms, letʼs prove them wrong! tweet #doinggood and tell the world about the good that is being done and how we each can take action or support someone who is!