Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sponsor a Pastor

The Charis Home would not exist if it were not for the dedication and hard work of our in country workers. They do the hard work of caring for many. many children. They cook, clean, parent, and organize in ways that you and I can't really imagine.

We sit in our comfortable homes, on chairs nonetheless, with our comfortable lives and we say to ourselves what a good job they are doing. A mental pat on the back.

We have had lives that are much less hard and traumatic than theirs, most of us.

We haven't grown up in a war zone. We haven't faced hard, hard crippling poverty day after day. We don't have people look down on us, reject us and spit on us if we choose to do good for someone else. We don't usually have to put our families and relationships on the line in order to do what our friends are doing over in Thailand.

If the work of caring for children and transforming communities is to continue we need to support and encourage the people on the front lines as we never have before.

Today is a crisis moment. People are on the edge over there, and I am asking you to please consider helping them.

Did you know that it only takes $100/month to fully support a pastor and his family? That's like, less than a smartphone service bill. But even $10 a month will help, it's a place to start. !0 people here helping on person there, and his family. Do you know 10 people who could afford $10/month?

If you can help, please do. It's important, it will make a difference.

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Love Carrien