Friday, September 30, 2011

The Orphanage is Funded!

Three weeks ago I just thought we had set our expectations too high.
The economy is too bad. People have many other choices for where they'll give. You guys are all tired of hearing about the orphanage and the need and you have moved onto other things. The $5000+ we have already raised is a lot. Let's just be thankful for what we have and try something else.
This is what we were telling each other.

I don't know why I always forget that this isn't really my project after all. I always get into the trap of believing that I'm the one doing this, and that it's all limited by my power.

If that were the case most of what has happened the past 3 years wouldn't have happened at all.

Anyway, all this to say that donations just kept coming in, though we were busy doing other things that needed attention.

Today I totaled it all, everything that has come in the past week, plus everything from before.

You ready?

You might want to sit down for this.



What felt impossible a few weeks ago has happened and it's thanks to all of you. You did it. You told our story. You gave what you could. You just built an orphanage you guys!

This is the land we will build it on.
 (Ok, we still have to, like, actually build it, but in terms of funding it's done. I feel really silly for doubting now.)

My favorite part this week was an email that one of you sent me that had this phrase "I am beginning to feel "involved"... wanting the best for these precious souls."

That is what we keep trying to tell you. Because you are involved. You are the reason this is working. We could never do this by ourselves. But together... now that's powerful.

I'm overwhelmed and I don't know truly how to convey the relief, the gratitude, the feeling of being swept along in a tide of something that started so small and is now grown beyond anything we could imagine at the time and is bigger now than any of us.

Though it feels very inadequate the only words I have are thank-you. Thank you so very much.

 You are saving lives.


ps. You could still enter to win the iPod or other prizes until midnight tonight if you want to. :)


  1. God is good. Really truly good. This has made my day, thank you for sharing! And for allowing us to be part of this project