Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why do we need to build an orphanage? *updated*

Do you know what happens to a child in South East Asia when her parents separate?

Do you know what happens to a boy when his mother marries a new husband?

Have you read Grimms Fairy tales?

Take the worst step parent story in a fairy tale and multiply it by at least 100 and you will get an idea of what happens to kids in these situations.

Stepparents don’t care for stepchildren at all. Children are treated like servants, sent out to beg, or sell flowers, or cigarettes, or their bodies to earn the family money. They are beaten, abused and abandoned.

There is a boy in our care who came to us after his stepmother passed away. He has scars from the day she took a break from beating him and poured hot cooking oil on his head instead. His vision is impaired because of it. His name is Suchart and he has the sweetest smile, plays the longest and laughs the loudest. He wants to be a doctor some day.

 The worse the poverty the worse these children are treated and it’s an entrenched cultural norm that will take time to change, time and generations.

So what can be done? What can you do?

For starters, we care for the children. We give them a home. We give them a chance. We get them medical attention and school and proper food. We find people who genuinely care about them to care for them.

But we don’t stop there because that doesn’t change anything for any other kids. It doesn’t address the source of the problem. So we use that orphanage to change the community. We help it to establish businesses that provide an income to take care of the children and also provide jobs and resources to the surrounding community. We hire villagers to work in the businesses, things like farming, producing traditional handcrafts, microfinance, clean water and energy, and entrepreneurial education. See Building a Self Sustaining Orphanage

We figure out how taking care of the kids no one wants can be the means to bring change in the community as well, and then we go ahead and do it.

Phase 1 is to finish building a home for them and get the farm up and running to raise food for them to eat and to sell. For details on the next 4 stages you can download our executive summary here.

We're halfway to owning the land outright, to use as we need. If we don't get the rest in time for Aaron to pay it off on his next trip to Thailand in October we will default on our contract and lose everything we invested in last year. The kids will continue to be without a permanent home and their existence will continue to be on a subsistence level, dependent on the whims of the western donor.

It's crunch time. We need you.

Please donate now to help us get there. Every little bit counts.

 Update: It is midnight September 30, 2011 and The Orphanage is Funded! It's amazing. Thank-you all. Please go vote for us at Giving of Life so we're eligible to win a $50,000 grant. It literally takes a second. Go ahead and keep donating too, we're going to need it for phase 2 of our plan.

We have so many cool prizes that some great businesses and people have donated to help make this fun. I want to feature each individually so check out the links below so see more and how to enter to win a prize. Every donation, retweet using the hashtag #thecharisproject, and facebook share of our page, or our cause, is eligible to win a prize.

Winners will be chosen at random from all entries after the contest closes shortly before midnight on Saturday, September 10, 2011. (Update-All of the prizes below are given away. But there is another giveawayuntil September 30th. Go here to see the great prizes.)

Heartstamped copper necklace, Abundant Love by Christy Klein Originals
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6 copies of Mr. Ray's new album Hello World and an exclusive in home concert experience open to Calgary residents. (Valued at $200)

Free Childbirth Preparation Class from Birthing Paths Childbirth Classes - Valued at $375

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Good News to the Poor Package and Gemstone Giveaway

To find out that we're legit check our Guidestar Profile, or, come with us to Thailand. If you don't like paypal you can donate through our causes page.

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