Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas at the Charis Home

Some of you have asked us if there is something extra you could do this Christmas for the kids in the Charis Home. So we asked Chala what they need.

His answer was,"Beds, shoes, and warm clothes."

boy's room
Boy's Room
The children sleep right now on thin mats on the concrete floor.

It is very cold for them now in this season. Chala has wanted to build them beds for some time. It is illegal for him to harvest bamboo from the forest and he hasn't been able to pay for materials.

Girl's Room
Girl's Room

Each bunk bed would sleep two children and costs 2500BHT for a bed of welded steel, which is 500BHT cheaper than the cost of a wood bed.


Your donation of $75US will get 2 of these children a proper bed. There are at least 30 kids so they need 15 beds.
Chala and Maise sleep on the floor in a corner of the main room, as do Moses and his wife. We would love to give them a bed too.

For those who wish to make a donation in another's name as a gift we will provide an attractive gift card on request.

Yes, it does get cold in Thailand. The kids could really use some warm coats and some good shoes right now.
It costs approximately $15US to buy each child a new coat and a pair of shoes.

Laundry Hanging Outside
Laundry Hanging Outside

This is a great opportunity for kids to get in on the giving action and do something practical that's within their reach.

This is the photo on the gift cards.

Again, we'll provide gift cards upon request.

Warm Clothes and Shoes for one Child

One Bunk Bed